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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General List of Questions

List of Questions for Singapore Citizenship for Minors

List of Questions for Economic Scheme and Family Tie Scheme

General List of Questions

1. How do I know whether my e-SC application is successfully submitted?

An acknowledgement page will be displayed when an application is successfully submitted. Applicants are required to note all the instructions stated in the page and print a copy from e-SC for reference/interview.

2. How could I check on the status of my application?

Please use the Enquiry function in the eSC welcome page to check on the status on your application.

3. What is the contact number if I encounter any problems with this e-service?

Please contact us at tel no 63916324 or email to

List of Questions for Singapore Citizenship for Minors

1. What should I do after I have lodge in the e-SC application?

You are required to upload the duly completed supplementary form, your marriage certificate and child’'s birth certificate online. Alternatively, you may send the documents to ICA vide fax number 6293 6956 or email to


2. When will I be contacted after I have submitted my e-SC application?

We may contact you for further information if necessary. Once the application has been finalised, your local contact person will be contacted by us to bring along the original documents as specified to come to ICA for verification. If the documents are in order, the child’'s citizenship certificate will be issued.

3. What should my local contact person bring when he/ she is being contacted to present the original documents?

Your local contact person as appointed in your electronic application form should bring his/ her Singapore IC for identification purpose. He/ she should bring the original copy of the child’'s birth certificate, you and your spouse’s marriage certificate and 2 recent passport-sized colour photographs of the child.

4. How can I apply for Singapore citizenship for my child if I do not have a local contact person?

You can submit the application through the nearest Singapore mission in your residing country.

5. How long is the processing duration?

The processing duration is about 3 months after we have received the required documents such as the supplementary form, marriage certificate and child'’s birth certificate. However, some cases may take a longer time to complete.

6. What are the fees involved in Singapore citizenship application?

a) A child aged below 21 whose (i) gestational mother is a Singapore Citizen; or (ii) father is a Singapore Citizen and is married to the child's gestational mother at the time of birth of the child, qualifies for the $18 fee.
b) For all other overseas or locally born minors, a non-refundable processing fee of S$100 is payable, and an additional fee of S$70 is payable for the issuance of Singapore Citizenship Certificate if the application is approved.

List of Questions for Economic Scheme and Family Tie Scheme

1. Who is eligible to apply for SC under the Family Ties Scheme through e-SC?

Singapore Citizens could apply SC for their spouse or children if they meet the following criteria:
a) Spouse of a Singapore Citizen needs to be a Permanent Resident for at least 2 years.
b) SC father applying for his child/children must have a valid and legal marriage.

2. Do I need to attend an interview in person after I have submitted an application through the e-SC?

Yes, please book an appointment through the online E-appointment system for an interview in person at ICA for identification and verification purposes.

3. Why do I need to download, complete and present the supplementary forms (for each and every applicant) at time of interview even though I have submitted an application through the e-SC?

Each applicant has to complete his/her own supplementary form and present it at time of interview as it provides the additional information of each individual for ICA to process the application.

4. What other documents do I need to bring for the interview? Do I also need to bring all my family members along?

You need to bring all the documents as stated in the list of supporting documents which is downloadable in the acknowledgement page. You are also required to bring your spouse’'s documents even if your spouse is not applying for SC. If your spouse/children are applying for Singapore citizenship under your sponsorship, they are required to be present together with you at the interview.

5. What should I do when I arrive at ICA on the day for interview?

When you arrive at ICA for your appointment, please scan the barcode printed on the acknowledgement page at the self-help kiosk at Citizenship unit to obtain a queue ticket for the interview.

6. What are the fees involved in Singapore citizenship application?

A non-refundable processing fee of S$100 is applicable for every application. Payment may be made using your credit/debit card or Internet Banking (Citibank, DBS/POSB or UOB).